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Top 7 Trail Running Spots in Malta That Will Take Your Breath Away

The trail running season is open, with several events happening throughout the year in Malta. The island's diverse landscapes and picturesque scenery offer some of Europe's most beautiful and challenging trail routes, making it a dream destination for trail runners. Malta’s terrain, with rugged coastal cliffs and rolling hills, is ideal for this sport. 

This blog highlights the top trail-running destinations in Malta: Ghajn Tuffieha Bay, Bahrija, Sliema Coastal Trail, Buskett Gardens, Xemxija Hill Heritage Trail, Dingli Cliffs, Top Of The World, Gharghur.


Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

This is a remote and beautiful sandy beach on Malta's northwest coast. The bay boasts a rugged coastline, red sands, and crystal-clear waters. The trails here are best suited for runners who enjoy adventure and don't mind taking a few risks. The route features rocky terrain, a steep hill climb, and stunning views over the bay. It's challenging but worth it for the unique experience.


Image Credit: Kyle Darmanin

Bahrija to Pembroke

Explore the 24 km point-to-point trail, which typically takes about 6 hours to complete and is considered moderately challenging. This area is popular among runners, walkers, and hikers; hence you may encounter other people during your adventure.


Bahrija to Golden Sands
Credit: Mars Cutajar 


Bahrija to Golden Sands
Credit: Mars Cutajar 


Bahrija to Golden Sands
Credit: Mars Cutajar 

On this trail, you'll see beautiful old-world buildings that have stood the test of time and admire the lush vegetation surrounding you. Overall, it's a soul-stirring experience perfect for those seeking a little difficulty on this lovely island. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Jemima Farley

Buskett Gardens

Located in the central part of the island is one of Malta's most beautiful and renowned gardens, featuring a great variety of flora and fauna. Runners who love fresh air and natural beauty will appreciate the network of trails that pass through the enchanting greenery of Buskett Gardens. The hilly terrain provides an excellent challenge for runners, and even if you are not trying to set a personal record, the trails are too stunning to miss.


Image Credit: Rosalie Borg

Dingli Cliffs 

Located on the western coast of Malta is another must-visit spot for trail runners. The cliffs stretch for about five miles along the coastline and offer awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean. Although the terrain is rocky, the paths are well-marked and relatively easy to navigate. This running route is somewhat challenging, but the breathtaking coastline and sea views make it a rewarding experience.


Top Of The World, Gharghur

Are you looking for a unique and exciting outdoor adventure in Malta? Look no further than the Crown on Top of the World hiking trail! Located in the charming town of Gharghur, this trail offers stunning views of the Maltese countryside and the Mediterranean Sea.

The trail is approximately 3 kilometres long and is suitable for beginners. It takes about 1 - 2 hours to complete, depending on your pace and fitness level.


Other interesting routes for trail running in Malta include the Sliema Coastal Trail and the Xemxija Hill Heritage Trail.

Sliema Coastal Trail

The Sliema Coastal Trail is a 10.8 km out-and-back trail, the trail is considered an easy route, and it takes an average of 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete. The trail is great for trail running and walking; the trail is open year-round and provides beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Xemxija Hill Heritage Trail

This Trail offers a unique running experience in Malta. Look no further than the ancient Roman Road, also known as the "Pilgrim's Trail., part of an 11.5 km loop that takes you across the island and past numerous historical sites.

While the trail is well-marked, it's important to note that the surface comprises large, 2000-year-old stones quarried locally. The trail takes you through a public nature preserve and up to the western part of the island. The terrain can sometimes be challenging, with varying surfaces and steep climbs.

Malta is a runner's haven with its stunning landscapes and diverse terrains. The island's historical spots, ancient roads, and beautiful gardens make it a unique and memorable destination for runners seeking a challenge. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or a beginner, Malta has something to offer everyone. So, if you're planning a trip to Malta, pack your running shoes and explore the island's beautiful trails.

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