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From Start to Finish: Winners of the recent Malta Marathons share their stories As a brand at the forefront of supporting athletes from Malta, Eurosport are proud to see two sponsored athletes emerge as winners in two categories at the recently concluded Malta Marathon.
#EmbraceEquity: Happy International Women's Day from Eurosport In recent years, the conversation around diversity, equality and inclusion gender equity has gained significant momentum, with more people recognising the need for gender equality in all spheres of life.
Ready, Set, Run! The Ultimate Guide to Prepare for a Marathon Get the best tips and tricks to prepare for a marathon, including proper hydration, nutrition, exercise, and recovery techniques. Make sure to be ready for the big day!
7 Thoughtful and Useful Valentine's Day Gifts for Sports Lovers Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and while it’s important to show your love and affection for your significant other, sometimes finding the right gift can be a challenge. If you know someone who loves sports, why not give them a special Valentine's Day present that celebrates their passion?